Success that almost didn’t happen

When I started my own journey from supporting local businesses face-to-face to working exclusively in the online space, I had a sudden realisation.

You know, that “Sh!t! Mum’s coming!” kind of realisation that sends a heatwave down your spine and paralyses you from the chin down.

I could talk a good game.

When it came to execution, I did match neither my intentions nor my expectations.

I didn’t even match what anyone with half a brain and YouTube fuelled understanding of online business would have insisted to be the execution bottom line.

I was rubbish at execution.

And I felt I was letting everyone down.

You’d think that what followed was a swift change to awesome habits of excellence, wouldn’t you?


I admitted in a handful of conversations that I had trouble sticking to my grand plans of business when no-one was watching. It felt like a good thing to say when everyone else was offered absolution for their own shortcomings.

No action was taken, though. I kept bobbing on the digital waves like a forgotten toy swept from the beach.

By the end of the year, I cleared my inbox. And then I read it.

A single, lonely, unsuspecting string of words.

Execution or it didn’t happen. That was an email heading from what, 2012?

My stomach tied itself in a knot.

Nothing had changed.

Since 2012!

In 2012 I promised myself to live up to my full potential and here I was, almost half a decade later, and I was literally in the same bloody spot?

“Execution is about having already figured out what needs doing and then doing it.”


Now, do not dismiss the words for their simplicity. That kind of ignorance has cost me almost five years in actual progress.

You see, we believe that excellence is some great thing that requires grand ideas and meticulous plans. Maybe, in some ways, that’s true.

For me, excellence lives in the moment.

Find out what needs doing. Say you’re going to do it. Do it.

That kind of behaviour requires more guts and more strength than we care to give it credit for but it ultimately creates a habit of excellence.

Talking a good game is an excellent way of maintaining an illusion while standing on life’s sidelines. Your hiding place may be a comfy one – mine was, kind of – but who are you going to fool in the long run?

Don’t dream of stepping up a gear. Do it.

The sheer discipline of doing things I want to be done has created enough success for me already to stick with it for good.

No, it’s not a happy-ever-after. It’s a constant battle but I am winning it more often than not.

To me, that’s pretty badass. What about you?

Are you guilty of writing to-do lists longer than your arm for the main purpose of practising your handwriting?

If the words “online” or “website” are on there, too, or if you’re really feeling stuck with your current way to show up online, you might just want to do something about it.

Let’s bring your A-game to the online world!

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash