You JUST want a website that works, right? One that doesn't chill on the sofa while you hustle your heart out. One that's really YOU, and gets clients who don't need to be sold (yuk!).

To get yourself a BADASS website can be hard, and it can be easy.

[ the hard way ]

That’s probably what you’re doing right now. Most of us end up with websites that work a little too well to start them over and not well enough to be a genuine asset to the business. To accept such mediocrity comes at a price: limited growth, too much time wasted with less-than-ideal clients, frustration, self-doubt. And way too little money in the bank.

[ the easy way ]

What if there were a tried-and-proven process to identify your exact BADASS potential? How would it feel to have a website that fits your personality like a glove, attracts exactly the right kind of clients AND sets you blissfully apart from your competitors? What if your business could show up so well that you’ve got little to do to close the sale?

That's where I come in.

My name is Christine and I’m a website strategist. My strengths:  Vision, strategy, creativity. Thinking outside the box. And whole lot of marketing knowledge to support it all.
I help freedom seekers like you to zone in on their actual badass potential and create a strategic plan to be discovered by and connected to their actual ideal clients.
Imagine what it would feel like to know that your most valuable clients don’t discover you by accident but as a logical result of how you show up online… and that your name ends up on either their bank statement… or their bucket list?