Self-hosted crowdfunding campaign website for the official Kelly Johnson memoirs

The Total Badass was an absolute eye-opener for me. For my website, and for my own personality! Working with Christine is such an amazing experience - she really listens, takes your vision and interprets it in a way that makes it resonate online in ways you hadn't even thought of.
D M ClarkPublisher

Where we started

My client had previously published several e-books about the late founding member of the all-female band Girlschool. There was no individual digital presence apart from several Facebook pages and a newly started Facebook group.

The brief was to create a fundraising website (including the option to collect data and process payments) similar to crowdfunding platforms but with high visual appeal and distinct elements of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Challenge

The community of die-hard fans of the guitarist and the band is relatively small, passionate, and extremely attentive. The wider circle of potential buyers is – more than 11 years after Kelly Johnson’s death – far less engaged than immediately after her passing.

How can we rekindle their interest? How can we emotionally reconnect these fans-in-waiting? How can we raise enough funds from a relatively small community to realise a financially ambitious project?


We really nailed down the target market, so we could start to speak to them in their language through design and copy.

Honouring Kelly Johnson’s own desire to tell the story of the disease that would claim her life takes the visitor on a journey of discovery fuelled by original quotes, captivating images, and the history of the book itself.

By developing a unique fan-appreciating reward system we achieved a community-like feel while creating sufficient funds to realise the project to the desired high standard.

The website design allows for growth beyond the funding phase and is fully developed to drive book and merchandise sales in the future.

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