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Jenn Kozak, Co-Active Coach

Working with Christine was exactly what I needed, without knowing where to start, she guided me through the process very precisely. She is extremely professional and dedicated to doing her best to deliver a website that is creative, unique and speaks to the meaningful work that you have to offer. She is diligent and thorough in her work. She coached me to understand what I had to offer through my business and reflect that clearly in my website. She also trained me to do my own updates in a clear and concise way. Thank you Christine for all your support!!
Jenn KozakReturn to Self Coaching

Where We Started

We literally started with a conversation! As a new coach, Jenn has bags of passion and an incredibly powerful desire to help, matched only by her willingness to dig deep and do the work that was necessary to bring her big vision to digital life. She also let me use some gorgeous original images… Go check out what difference they make!

The Challenge(s)

Our biggest challenge was arguably the fact that Jenn started at ZERO in terms of marketing herself online. We had to find the right strategy to communicate just HOW much varied experience she brings into her client work, to establish authority despite being relatively new to coaching and to be relatable for her target audience.

Speaking of target audience, we also had to work to define who Jenn would be able to help best at this precise moment in time in order to craft a precise message and meaningful context.

Once we decided on the general concept of a website with fluid design (animated effects that make objects float across the screen) the biggest challenge was to ensure that everything worked perfectly across devices – tablets proved tricky in particular!

It is so much more then building a website. Christine offers the whole package for launching your business into the digital world.

A Badass Result

Jenn was incredibly to brave to let her intuition guide her when she decided to start with a strategic web solution from the very start.

I understood exactly how the concept of Co-Active Coaching connects Jenn with her target audience – the being, the doing, and the tentative balance between the two – and was able to interpret her vision in a technically ambitious but super rewarding way. You MUST have a look at Jenn’s website to fully appreciate its uniqueness and visual identity!

What’s more, Jenn’s vibrant personality shines through each page. Her website truly fits her like a glove – in every conversation I could feel just how much its concept resonates with her. By incorporating video (her first one!) and a guided meditation as an optin-download (lead magnet) we ensure that visitors can instantly personally connect with Jenn – a vital step that needs to be taken by them before they’d ever contemplate getting in touch with Return to Self Coaching.

I must ompliment and credit Jenn for her openness and readiness to apply herself to each and every task and I am thrilled that the end result justified her efforts.

My best 3 things about this experience? - Feeling like you understood what I was offering and creating a visual for that. The process made me dig deep which offered me so much in return. The website is so creative and unique it was exciting to be a part of building that together!
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