Tracy Guillet, Introvert Therapist

Christine was great to work with. She was able to understand my services and who I work best with, and created a website that truly represents what I do. She was accessible during this process and answered all my questions in a way that made sense for me. She has done a fantastic job of creating the right feel for my business through web design and marketing. I very much enjoyed working with Christine and highly recommend her. Thanks, Christine!
Tracy GuilletQuiet Pathways


“With my old website, I felt mostly invisible. It wasn’t clear what I did and who would benefit from working with me. Now my message and services are clear so people who are looking for help will know if I’m the right person for them.”

Tracy’s Podcast

Tracy is a successful podcast host and wanted people to be able to listen to all episodes without leaving her website. We were able to integrate a feed from her current podcast host as well as the iTunes feed, enabling automatic updates as well as counting these downloads in her overall podcast stats.

Tracy’s commitment to The Badass Game Changer allowed her to gain new insights and let these influence not only her online strategy but also her unique value proposition:

It (The Badass Game Changer) helped me to feel more confident about the direction I was headed into - focusing on male clients.

When I asked Tracy if she’d recommend it to others and why, she said:

I would recommend you because to me, you were able to see both sides - web design and marketing - and how clients use websites and find information. This was very valuable to me.

Not long after we finished her website I saw a post by Tracy online. It was business related, and I won’t quote it here, but it started with: “Not sure where this confidence is coming from…”. I felt very privileged because I knew – I had seen it rise at lightning speed. And even though it was not directed at me, I still take it as a compliment ;).

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