Charge what you’re worth? Seriously? Don’t!

Yep, you heard it right.

And I am really glad you’re reading this because I feel I ought to share my concern with you.

“Charge what you’re worth!” seems to be the battle-cry of business coaches, and in particular those who work with women, the world over.

Let that sink in for a minute or so.

Are you feeling that glint of anger rising in the pit of your stomach yet?

It’s a full-blown fire for me but then again, I’ve been thinking about the subject a whole lot longer.

There’s so much bullshit that you and I come across in the online world every day and most of it I just shrug off. This whole “charging what you’re worth” thing is a different kettle of fish, however.

I think it is fundamentally wrong to tell anybody in the world, male or female, that they have a price. Your self-worth (or mine, for that matter) should not have anything to do with how much we earn.

Could my worth possibly be measured in percentages of Oprah Winfrey’s day rate?

I guess it depends who you ask – and that’s not even taking my kids into account, who would be seriously worried that Oprah’s lasagne is less badass than mine.

So far, so ridiculous. But there’s more.

To try to establish what price tag we should put on ourselves will only encourage us to constantly look at our own reflection in the mirror –

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the worthiest of us all?” –

instead of casting our eye over real-world problems with real-world people and deciding how we can have real impact by providing solutions.

I assume anybody else who believes that women are incredible creatures who truly have the power to change the world would show at least as much outward reaction as my seated cringe.

And if that’s not enough to kindle that spark of anger into a flame, we’re totally forgetting the client here.

How could you put a value on something that nobody’s prepared to part with their hard-earned cash for?

It’d be a bit like trying to sell pink fluffy socks at a premium price to long-distance runners at the start of a race, right?

Let’s see how this usually pans out.

What does the business owner do when they hear someone tell them to charge what they’re worth?

They increase their price.

Not because they have any more experience. Not because they bring any more value to their client. No, they increase their prices because they’re trying to follow very unspecific advice: “charge what you’re worth.”

And then no-one will buy from them. Would you? I wouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate of charging more and feeling good about it, but I can’t just get up one morning and be expected to pay twice the price for the exact same coffee in the exact same place served by the exact same person in the exact same cup. Sorry.

So, what happens with our business owners? They get discouraged and often times quit with a heavy heart and their confidence in tatters.

Sound familiar? Well, I hope not! But I bet you don’t have to look far in your own entrepreneur community to find a story just like this.

I happen to have my business set up in a field that is so congested with irrational prices that I often cough and splutter myself when I come across some of the offerings.

When I first put The Total Badass online – a highly strategic, high-intensity online presence creation completed in just 48 hours – I charged well under 500 pounds for it.

That’s less than a quarter of what most of my competitors charge for a pretty website created over six weeks and without my strategic business brain applied to it.

Why? Because at the time, the process was new. I had successfully tested it with my own business and a couple of willing beta clients. It yet had to withstand the rinse and repeat.

As of now, the same process sets you back just over twice that amount, and over the next 12 months, that price is going to be doubled again.

Am I going to be worth 4 times as much as I was in the beginning? – Hardly.

It’s the value that my clients are getting now which is much higher than that my beta testers were getting. I am not worth more – but my work is.

It’s no longer a prototype – The Badass Game Changer alone is rapidly changing into a feature-rich luxury edition of a battle plan and The Total Badass has undergone several changes before it turned out the drool-worthy results that come about when creativity meets business brain at a persuasion summit, so to speak.

In order to figure out where the price for these badass guys is at it’s optimum, I will have to look at the whole market and ton of factors which will influence it.

One of those factors is how much value my work creates for my clients.

Never, EVER will it reflect what I’m worth – and I wholeheartedly hope that you make the same decision for yourself.

Whether we’re on four, five, six, or seven figures – we are priceless. It’s our work that is not.

Please don’t let anyone tell you differently. Actually, you could put a big smile on my nerdy face if you could just tell them kindly (if you must) to f*ck off.

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Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash