Nope, I can’t do any more.

I’m all for action.

No, really.

I’m all for being absolutely clear on who I am, what I’m seriously badass at, and who desperately needs what I do.

I’m all for sass. And badassery.

For showing up unapologetically, everywhere.

But sometimes I am just so bloody tired.

You know, the kind of tired that makes your head feel like cotton wool; when you consider it an astonishing achievement to by the end of the sentence still remember the thought you started with, even if no-one’s interrupted you (lucky you!).

The kind of tired that makes a surge of motivation seem all but a dim memory when you’re down in a slump with tasks piling up and you just can not cope with the idea of putting yourself out there again, and again, and again.

I don’t know if you’re in your thirties or your forties but I’ll be honest with you: since I woke up to being this close to the big five-oh I have been struggling for time and energy, big time.

I just don’t seem to have the same 24 hours in the day anymore.

And it sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hustle. It just seems that years of being stuck in the hamster wheel of chasing clients and relentless 16-hour pavement-pounding days are finally getting the better of me.

Whatcha gonna do if you’re dying to create the impact that you know you’re capable of, but feel you’re running outta time? Both in terms of hours, and years?

To be perfectly honest with you, at first… I did absolutely nothing.

Yup, that’s right. I sat before the realisation like the rabbit before the snake, in equal measure terrified and unable to move.

But then again, I’m all for action. I already said that, didn’t I?

So I took a deep dive into my own business.

For me, that was a less-than-obvious choice because it’s easy to forget one’s own housekeeping when the mind is brimming with ideas for other people’s awesome businesses as a kind of default state.

I decided it was time to ask myself some questions. I’m good at asking questions.

It didn’t take all that long, but it took an awful lot of courage come up with the answers.

You know, I was so sick of thinking to myself that I should be doing more.

More visibility, more social media, more emails, more funnels, more calls, more webinars to watch, more books to read. MORE.

Here’s my truth about tall this “do more”. It’s total bullshit. Rubbish. Nonsense. Gobbledegook.

As if the only difference between Tony Robbins and me was that he set his alarm an hour earlier. Or that Marie Forleo hustles harder. I can do a whole lot more of everything and I still won’t have the business that kicks as hard as theirs. I bet I’m not alone with that, either.

And anyway, we have just established that I can’t.

So where do my answers come in?

I like the way you think of me. Thank you for trusting my judgement this far.

Short story cut short: I decided to let go of a whole lot of stuff.

Work I didn’t want to do.

Work that I knew wasn’t my best.

Work that wasn’t my most profitable.

Clients who I knew were a poor fit.

Money – incoming money – that would keep me in the same hamster wheel place.

Marketing for marketing’s sake.

The list could go on.

The more I let go, the lighter I felt.

I crossed out as many “shoulds” as I could think of. Instead, I asked what else would bring the same result as well as fun, or joy, or satisfaction.

In the process, I found what I am truly great at. And I also found what I had no business doing in the first place.

You’d think it was a painful journey, but the truth is that it felt like coming home.

It changed my game.

And it made me fall in love with my business again.

Because I am all for action, I gave the process a name.

The Badass Game Changer has proved incredibly valuable to others since.

It’s a super-brainy strategically plotted approach – not the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks – that yields immediate results and puts an end to the scattergun online marketing that eats so badly into our time, energy, and resources.

I know it is not for everyone – it requires copious amounts of bravery, after all.

Think about it. though. If you were to take it, you’d likely to become crystal clear at what your TRUE zone of genius is and how to make THAT your badass game online.

When have you last felt effortless in the way you attracted amazing clients? And have you ever realised how much power your online presence has in that respect?

Now, how much time are you going to let slip away before you take action? (Hint: a free 15-minute call might be a good start!)