If I create a website, it’s like, two sizes too big.

“Can you write my copy? I really like the way you see me.”

That’s what a client said to me the other day. I was chuffed. And it got me thinking.

On the surface, we are the ones who know ourselves best. Aren’t we?

Funnily enough, it took another person to point out to me what should evolve to be “my jam”.

You see, what a website strategist does is so very different from web design. I understand your business. I understand your vision. So far, so not-so-unique.

But I can also see what’s so damn special about you that it makes your client’s jaw drop when they realise it.

When we nail down that precious intersection where people you want to work with meet people who can’t wait to work with you and who can afford you and where you just cannot wait to get out of bed to work with them…

Well, THAT’S like coming home.

Of course, we won’t stop there. We still have a strategy to figure and ultimately, a website to build.

But you see, that’s where that difference comes in again.

Have you ever put on a top that made you feel a gazillion dollars?

Have you ever felt, like really FELT in the pit of your tummy how the confidence that came with that darn top oozed through every ounce of your body long before your gobsmacked brain realised that it was the same old you stuck between the seams?

That’s what a good website can do for you.

It can lift you.

Up your game.

Yep, I build websites that are too big for their owners. And you know what?

I see them grow into them faster than my teenage son outgrows a pair of sneakers.

That’s what a website strategist can do for you.

It’s what I can do for you.

Have you taken my quiz yet? It’s a fun way to end up on my email list. And to be honest with you, that’s where the real badassery happens.


Photo by Jackson Hirsch on Unsplash