There are hundreds of ways to stand out online, and if you try them all... You'd probably fail. Let's face it: Nobody cares. Yep. That's a truth that hurts really badly.

The best three things about the experience... Christine's insight and balance of experience and genuine interest and passion. Seeing what is in my mind and in my heart reflected online. The end result - I am thrilled!
Lisa BarkerPrincipal Teacher, Ardlair School of Dancing

Just because something should interest another person, doesn’t mean it will. Magic is made possible by controlling the attention of the spectator. Online success follows the exact same rules.

Just because something should interest another person, doesn’t mean it will. Magic is made possible by controlling the attention of the spectator. Online success follows the exact same rules.

Let me tell you something really quickly.

For the longest time, I considered myself somewhat unlucky. I worked my butt off studying human behaviour, the psychology of marketing, and how to influence decisions that people make online. Yet when it came to designing websites, I felt like the most misunderstood  human being on the planet.

Imagine, if you will, pouring your heart and soul and 24 hours into the concept of a singular web page only to hear:

I really like it but can’t you just make look more like XYZ’s website because that’s the one I want it to look like!


It took me years to figure out: I was doing it ALL wrong.

You know – I can build pretty websites. I can build classy websites. You name it, I can make it.

But that was never the point.

So I made a radical change. Long story short (and ask me sometime, because I love to tell the very story), I invented a BADASS framework that cuts right through the noise and chatter of the self-proclaimed online gurus and guru-esses and results in websites that not only work but that also makes you understand how and why they work.

So that you can go forth and bring those digital dots to life like ONLY YOU can.

In record time, of course – because you’ve been a ‘me, too’ brand long enough, haven’t you?

Let’s recap:

A [ badass • website ]

- gets the names of only your ideal clients onto either your bank statement or your email list (= their wishlist) in an authentic, ethical, and predictable way.



Every client starts with THE BADASS GAME CHANGER™.

Within 48 hours of you booking The Badass Game Changer you’ll receive a customised questionnaire – prepwork for what’s to come. Meanwhile, I assess and audit how you show up online right now. During a 1- 1.5 hour recorded interview, we deep dive into your business goals, your vision, and expertise.  Together, we figure out what could make you show up truly BADASS in the online world. You come away with the recording and a 2-3 page concise action plan that clearly identifies your unique opportunity to show up like NOBODY ELSE –  and tells you what you can do RIGHT NOW to be badass online.

Your advantage: A fresh perspective, crystal-clear clarity and a badass game plan to disrupt, inspire and convert with OUTSTANDING results. Non-techy so that you can choose to implement yourself or with a professional of your choice (choose me!).

I would absolutely recommend The Badass Game Changer to anyone. Because there are things that your website potentially can do, that you have no idea about - until someone like Christine comes along and shows you new perspectives!
D M ClarkPublisher

I see many professionals charge well over £500 for an audit alone – that’s without any one-to-one consultation –  however, you’re in luck and can grab yourself an absolute bargain today! (Trust me, it IS a bargain. Let that beautiful smile of yours onto your face!)

Your Investment: just £299

*(The cost of The Badass Game Changer gets applied to The Badass Business Blast should you decide to move forward).

Working with Christine to develop my website helped me to gain clarity and confidence in what I have to offer through my business. I now know exactly who I am targeting in my work and am excited that the site reflects that perfectly!
Jenn KozakReturn to Self Coaching



A truly turbo-charged and interactive 5-day intensive implementation program at the end of which your BADASS website will be ready to launch like a rocket.

You’ll even have jet engines & rocket fuel to play with.

In less than a week. Not joking.

It is the ultimate BADASS package.

Everything is done for and with you.

All website brand messaging.

All page design.

All copy.

Even lead magnet design and integration.

Plus, you get a 1:1 behind-the-scenes (recorded) live training session which allows you to take control of your website with total confidence.

Your advantage: You up your online game with immediate effect. Nothing is left to chance, my tried-and-tested process leads to a totally unique and super creative online presence that magnetises your audience, amplifies your message and gets measurable (!) results.

Imagine the relief. And confidence. And clarity you’d have. And how much easier you’d find it to go and show up EVERYWHERE because you KNOW that you have a website that turns visitors into avid listeners, keen followers, and people who can’t wait to take action to work with you.

You probably wonder what this kind of total immersion costs – especially given that non-template websites frequently command somewhat astronomical prices. I don’t want the price tag to stand in the way of your desire to work with me BUT therefore I only take on a few clients each month – so you might want to click that button below sooner rather than later IF you consider working with me.

Your Investment: £1499 * **

*(The Badass Game Changer is included in The Badass Business Blast and takes place first).
** I offer a complete no-quibbles refund should either of us decide that we are not a good fit during our first conversation.

The Badass Game Changer and The Badass Business Blast entire process was EXACTLY what I was after. I had a clarifying vision with thoughts in my mind and passion in my heart, but nothing that resembled content, structure, or clear communication. In less than 5 days `{`overall`}`, our end result couldn't be more wonderful!

Christine was the perfect balance of experience, passion, and enthusiasm, and her work ethic and commitment to deadlines and a world-class end product were amazing. An utterly 10/10 experience for Ardlair!

Lisa Barker, Ardlair School of DancingPrincipal Teacher, SOBHD Judge, BATD Fellow and Member (Highland and Scottish Nationals), VSDA Teacher

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